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Writing is hard. The good news? You don’t have to go it alone.

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Stephanie Dethlefs Book coach

Are you working on a novel, and

  • you’ve started a first draft but aren’t finishing it?
  • you keep revising the first chapters, hoping that eventually the rest of the story will become clear?
  • you are doubting that your idea is any good?
  • you worry it might turn out that you’re a terrible writer?
  • you have trouble just making yourself sit down and write already?

My friend, welcome. You are in the right place.

I work with writers of contemporary fiction for middle grade, young adult, and adult audiences to go from idea to a solid manuscript.
Because your story matters.

10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Novel
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    My Book Coaching Services

    As your book coach, I will work with you to write your story with intention and focus. Using an individualized approach and your unique message, I’ll guide you to create a road map for your story that will maximize its impact on the reader. Read more about my book coaching services.

    How can I help you with your writing?

    book writing coach stephanie dethlefs
    book coaching stephanie dethlefs

    Not quite sure? Schedule a free 15-minute call or email me with your questions!

    What people are saying….

    Many people can provide advice, tools, and resources to help writers refine their craft and perfect their work. Stephanie brings something far greater. Her compassion and sensitivity affirm our journey as writers and provide purpose for every aspect of our writing lives. Whether you write for a living, for fun, or anywhere in between, these gifts will help you remain true to your voice in any work you create.
    Bob Blankstein


    The concept for my book was a messy ball of ideas—about structure, who my protagonist is, even about the message. What once felt confused and cloudy now feels clear because of Stephanie’s brilliant questions, guidance, and coaching. Thank you, Stephanie!
    Colleen Haggerty

    Author of A Leg to Stand On and War Wounds (WIP)

    Stephanie’s skills have been indispensable in assisting me in writing my book. She has provided all the elements necessary in a coach to keep me motivated to write. Stephanie has been there every step of the way to celebrate my achievements and support me out of dark holes that have made writing difficult. Her insights into the writing process have been enormously helpful. The most exciting part for me is how much my literary skills have grown since we began working together.
    Jackie Brown