Writing is hard, and it isn’t always fun. In order to get through the hard parts, we have to learn

image courtesy of Burst on Pexels

to love the work.

Inspiration is easy to love. So are excitement, enthusiasm, and motivation.

But sometimes those things are lacking. And we are left with the work.

We can resist the work. Or we can learn to love the work.

The work gets us where we want to go. The work results in words on the page.

Inspiration and excitement don’t do that. The work does that.

But, frankly, the work isn’t that fun. In fact, it kind of sucks. So how do we love it?

We love it by remembering what its purpose is.

We love it by appreciating it for getting us across the finish line.

We love it by acknowledging how much we grow each time we let go of the resistance and do the work instead.

We can make it easier to love by dressing it up with a latte and muffin at the coffee shop, or putting a vase of flowers on our desk.

But the real love comes from our minds.

Choose to love the work.