What will your writing life look like in 2023?

Let’s start with what it looked like last year.

Your writing in 2022 was good enough. We are not judging it.

But, objectively, what worked and what didn’t?

👉Can you take what worked and continue it?

👉Can you let go of thinking you should do things that you know don’t work for you? (Hello, early morning writing sessions!)

👉Might you elevate one thing just one tiny bit? (Take a 30 minute writing session and make it 35 minutes? Write 50 more words than last time?)

👉More importantly, can you set boundaries around your full life and create a writing practice that works for you in your own, individual life?

I think so. Here’s why:

🌟You have waited long enough to be the writer you’ve always wanted to be. 🌟

2023 is your year. What will you write? Let me know in the comments!