When I ask you when you write, does a feeling bubble up?

Maybe it’s pride because… heck yeah, you write often and are proud of it!

Or maybe it’s guilt, embarrassment or disappointment because… you’re just not writing as much as you want to.

Let me be clear: I am not trying to bring up negative feelings. Or any feelings, really. This question sounds loaded, but it doesn’t have to be.

I could have asked…

… Do you write in the mornings or the evenings?

… Do you write on weekdays or weekends?

… Do you write in short burst or long stretches?

You see, every one of us is different. We have different writing stamina, different energy at various times of the day, and different schedules. We have different numbers of other humans or animals for whom we are also responsible.

We are all different.

Which is why I believe so strongly that you can meet your writing goals with a schedule that fits YOUR life.

But in order to do so, we have to figure out what that schedule looks like.

Because your story matters, and I know that you can find the time in 2023 to write it.

When do YOU write? Share your thoughts in the comments!