“I should be writing more! I don’t have enough time.” These are thoughts that plague writers, especially those of us who have busy lives outside of writing. In today’s episode, I have six tips to maximize the time you do have and to be as efficient as possible.


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Hello writers. Today I want to talk about how to fit writing a novel into an otherwise busy life. Now, some of us have the luxury of time for one reason or another, and we’re able to write freely whenever and for however long we want. Others of us are trying to write a novel in the midst of an otherwise pretty busy life filled perhaps with work responsibility, family responsibilities, a combination of the two and other commitments. This video is intended for those of you who fall into that latter camp. So if that’s you, keep listening because I have six tips for you. But first one thing that I’m really good at is helping writers look at their own schedules and clearly and without guilt, identify the spaces in their lives where writing can fit. If this is something you’d like some help with, I encourage you to apply for a free introductory call.

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The link is below in the description. Let’s figure out how to get this novel written in a way that works for your daily life and put you on a path toward meeting your goal of finally writing your novel. Click the link below and I’ll talk with you soon. Okay, so if you’ve got a busy, busy life, but you’re holding onto this goal of writing a novel, I have six tips to get really clear on how to maximize the time you do have and to be as efficient as possible. My first suggestion is to get really clear on your priorities. I have an entire video on this topic, and I’ll put the link below. Distinguishing between things that are a higher priority than writing and a lower priority than writing can help you make intentional decisions about how to spend blocks of your time in your day.

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My second tip, which is really in line with the first one, is to ask yourself if now is really the time to write a novel. Now, I’m not trying to talk you out of it , but writing a novel is hard work, and it takes a long time. If your life is full of things that are higher priorities than writing, and there just isn’t a square inch to be had on your calendar without sacrificing your well-being, then that’s important to recognize. On the other hand, this may be the exact right time to write this novel. Only you can answer the question, but I do want you to spend some time with it, assuming that it is the right time to be writing your novel. My third tip is to get clear on how much time you actually have to give it. If all you have is an hour twice a week, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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It will make the finished product be a little further out, but at least you know that two hours a week is all you have to give your writing, and you can let go of any guilt about not spending more time on it. The fourth suggestion is to put your writing sessions on your calendar. This is really non-negotiable for me. Don’t wait for the perfect time to present itself. Put it on your calendar, and then show up for the appointment with yourself the way you would any other appointment. The fifth thing I wanna suggest is to make a plan for each writing session. So if you’re going to write from six to seven tomorrow evening, what exactly are you going to be working on? Consider putting a note to that effect on your calendar or on a sticky note so that you know right when you sit down, what you’re going to be working on.

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The reason I suggest this is that if you show up without a plan of attack for the hour, you could very easily fritter it away by rereading what you wrote last time, looking at your notes and trying to decide where to start. But if you have a plan for the writing session, you can just jump right in. My last tip is to manage your mindset. If you are a busy person being pulled in a lot of different directions by responsibilities, that is just how it is. Try to avoid making it harder on yourself by thinking or saying that it’s unfair or by envying the time that others have. You can write a novel with a schedule that fits your life. If you’re really dedicated to doing so, your mind will try to talk you out of it, but you don’t have to let it. If you like this video and know someone else who might benefit from these tips, please subscribe and share. Thanks. Happy writing.