Is it good enough?

Am I writing it well?

Does it make any sense?

Will anyone want to read it?

These are just some of the questions that arise from the uncertainty that all of us writers feel from time to time. Or daily. (Is that just me?)

A lot of the uncertainty we feel about our writing comes from not fully understanding why we are writing a novel.

In place of asking these questions, here is the question I’d like you to ask yourself this week:

Why must I write this book now?

I know, you’ve heard me talk about the WHYs of writing before. But I truly cannot stress this enough. The less you understand the reasons why you are writing a book, the more likely you are to give up, to throw in the towel, to just say forget it when it gets difficult.

And the more you understand your WHYs, the greater your focus, motivation, and determination to complete it will be. And…

The deeper you understand your story, the more your reader will be impacted by it. 

If you are very clear on your WHYs, every decision you make from beginning to end will be intentional and drive the story forward in a way that reaches out and grabs your reader. 

Here are three ways of looking at this question. I recommend answering each with a paragraph or so of free writing.

  1.  Why am I the person to write this book?
  2. Why does this story need to be told?
  3. Why is now the right time for this story to be told?

Notice what patterns or repetitions pop up as you answer each question. These are your most important reasons. I hope you find this activity useful. Comment below if you’d like and let me know what comes up! 

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