Accountability and Time Management for Writers

Dig deep into your schedule, your mindset and your obstacles to find out – and solve – what is keeping you from achieving your writing goals. This is available to writers of all genres and forms!

Using a step-by-step process, we’ll clarify: 

  • why you want to write
  • what you want to write
  • when you want to (or can) write
  • how writing fits in your life
  • why you sometimes don’t write, even when your intentions are good

You’ll leave this consultation with:

  •  a realistic, individualized writing schedule for the next 90 days (first 30 days are during the consultation)
  • a specific plan for what you’ll write at each session
  •  practical strategies for scheduling, planning, and managing your thinking about procrastination, comparison, and more

FOUR 45-minutes calls scheduled weekly

weekly homework deadlines with written feedback


unlimited email and/or Voxer access for duration of package

 $499 intro special! Only 5 left.

Not quite sure? Schedule a free 20-minute call or email me with your questions!

It's time. Your story is waiting.