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I help writers who have a story on their hearts find clarity and accountability so that they can finally write their novels.

Maybe you’re here because you have a story on your heart and you want to finally write your novel. Keep reading … I’ve got some good stuff for you!

The Kickstart Your Novel Quiz

Whether you’re just starting with a seed of an idea, or you are already underway, this 90-second super-fun quiz will help you figure out where to go next.

As soon as you complete it, you’ll receive the best next step to take in writing your novel. Plus, you’ll get a custom toolkit based on where you are in the process to help you keep going.

If you want to write a novel, or you’ve started writing and gotten stuck, let this podcast serve as your toolbox for crafting a solid story that will connect with readers. Each short episode will give you one skill or strategy to apply to planning, drafting and/or revising your novel. We’ll also take time to explore the other equally important things that come with this process, such as accountability, mindset, and time management. 


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Remember, your story matters. You deserve to write it and you have a reader out there who needs it.


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