Your best next step:

lay the foundation! 

Wonderful! You have a precious nugget of an idea for a book. You might even have a few ideas for scenes and maybe, just maybe, you know where the events are going to go. 

But before you jump feet first into the writing – or even any planning – I have some questions for you. 

These questions are intended to help you hone in on why this book matters to you. What you are trying to say. And why you are the right person to write this book.

But wait, Stephanie. Why does any of that fluffy, psychological stuff matter? 

Great question! Here’s why:

Getting clear on why this book matters to you will give you motivation to start, continue, and finish it. Even when – especially when – it gets challenging.

Knowing why you are the right person to write this book quiets the voice of imposter syndrome. 

And, perhaps most importantly…knowing what it is you are trying to say with this story, the point you are trying to make about the world around us, gives you focus as you plan and draft each scene. You will be able to ask yourself: “How does this action/decision/reaction/event contribute to the overall message I’m trying to convey?”

My suggestion is to freewrite, by hand, your answers to each question. Squeeze your brain and put every possible answer on the page. Then refine each response down to the most true sentence or two. 

Most importantly, enjoy the process. Let every answer be valid. Believe yourself. 

I’ll send you some tools over the next few days that will help you continue this process and figure out what comes next.

Happy writing!

P.S. If you’d like to talk more about getting to the core of why you are writing this book and what you want to say and see how coaching can support you, please schedule a free introductory call with me!