Let’s plan your book and get words on the page.

This program is for you if you know that planning, accountability, structure, and big-picture feedback will help you get it done.

During the first four to six sessions, we’ll ask questions that will guide you to make crucial decisions before you write.  Over the following months*, I’ll support you by providing deadlines, mindset support, and big-picture feedback as you power through your first draft.

Our goal?   Get the story figured out, and then get the first draft DONE.

Here’s what I know for sure: the real work, the part that makes your novel great, happens in revision. And you can’t revise blank pages! So our intention here is to create a solid foundation and then power through the first draft while managing judgement, negative self-talk, or imposter syndrome…all while keeping in mind the big ideas you are trying to get across.

*Additional coaching may be added on as needed. 

Stephanie Dethlefs Book coach

Before and during writing, we’ll clarify:

  • what your book is about
  • what you are trying to say
  • where your story starts and ends
  • why your characters are making decisions
  • how the events will unfold
  • when you will write
  • what you need to make each writing session successful

…and much, much more!

You’ll leave this program with:

  • a solid first draft that is ready for the next step…revision!

Here’s what’s included:

Book coaching stephanie Dethlefs

16 deadlines of 20 pages
(weekly or every other week)

Written feedback delivered
within three days

16 Zoom coaching calls

Unlimited Voxer and email
access for duration of program

book coaching stephanie dethlefs

Final 1-on-1 consultation to establish your next steps
in revising your book!


* Additional deadlines available after end of package – $600/two deadlines

Important Note: This program is not for you if you prefer to write your way into the story or let the characters decide what’s going to happen for you. My coaching practice involved making specific decisions about the course of the story prior to writing. If you are writing something other than contemporary fiction, and you believe this program is what you need, feel free to submit your information! I talk to every writer individually before payment to ensure that it will be a great fit for both of us.

Ready to give it a try? Let’s do this!
We start with a quick intake (see below). Then I’ll be in touch about next steps.

Not quite sure? Email me with your questions!

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