Know Your Story Inside Out!

This is where you want to start if you are in the early stages of your first draft or if that idea is still in your head. Together we will explore both the external events of the story AND the internal (emotional) growth of the protagonist. You will leave this intensive program with a solid, tangible working outline of your entire book and a clear roadmap for getting started.

Using a step-by-step process, we’ll clarify:

  • what your book is about
  • what you are trying to say
  • what your protagonist wants
  • how the events will unfold

…and much, much more!

You’ll leave this 6-week program with:

  • a working outline for both the events and the internal (emotional) change of your main character
  • a “book jacket” summary of your book
  • deep understanding of your genre and ideal reader
  • a roadmap for moving forward with your first draft
  • confidence, eagerness, and a rejuvenated love of your story*
                               * not guaranteed, but very likely!!

Journaling Stephanie Dethlefs book coaching

We start with a quick intake (see below) and a no-commitment 30-minute free consultation to see if this program is a good fit.

Book coaching stephanie Dethlefs

Six weekly assignments
Written feedback delivered
prior to each week’s call

Six 45-min. weekly Zoom calls

Unlimited Voxer and email
access for duration of program

book coaching stephanie dethlefs

Final 1-on-1 consultation to establish your next steps
in writing your book!

The Fine Print: This program is not for you if you prefer to write your way into the story or let the characters decide what’s going to happen for you. This is only for folks who are into the idea of taking control of their story from the beginning and creating a working plan to follow. My coaching Zone of Genius is contemporary fiction for middle grade, young adult, and adult audiences. If you are writing something other than this, and you believe this program is what you need, feel free to submit your information! I talk to every writer individually before payment to ensure that it will be a great fit for both of us. 

Not quite sure? Schedule a free 15-minute call or email me with your questions!

Program is limited to 4 people with rolling enrollment.


Let’s get started! Tell me a little about you and your book.