Book Coaching

You are serious about getting to work on your manuscript, and want or need consistent external accountability and feedback on the writing itself. Twice-monthly deadlines and feedback give you the structure you’ve been looking for!

If you want to get your draft moving forward (or revise what you’ve already written) with confidence, focus, consistent high-quality critique, accountability and support, this is the package for you.

Let’s get this book WRITTEN. 

Here’s what you’ll have at the end:

  • completed chapters with some revision completed
  • clarity on the big picture of your book
  • confidence, eagerness, and a rejuvenated love of your story*

                                                    * not guaranteed, but very likely!!

NOTE: This series isn’t long enough to work through an entire book manuscript. At the end of three months you may choose to purchase another package.  A month-to-month option is available only after an initial purchase of this package.

monthly book coaching
Stephanie Dethlefs Book Coaching Bellingham, WA

Book coaching stephanie Dethlefs

weekly or twice-monthly deadlines
of up to 15 or 30 pages, respectively

written feedback (editorial and in-line) provided prior to each call


twice-monthly calls to discuss

unlimited Voxer and/or email access


book coach stephanie dethlefs
next steps given with each deadline

related assignments given as needed


$1900 for 3 months 

or   $699/month (3-month commitment)

Not quite sure? Schedule a free 30-minute call or email me with your questions!

We start with an intake form and an initial consultation (at no cost).


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