Time Management & Accountability for Writers

Dig deep into your schedule, your mindset and your obstacles to find out – and solve – what is keeping you from achieving your writing goals. This is available to writers of all genres and forms!

Using a step-by-step process, we’ll clarify:

  • why you want to write
  • what you want to write
  • when you want to (or can) write
  • how writing fits in your life
  • why you sometimes don’t write, even when your intentions are good

You’ll leave this consultation series with:

a realistic, individualized writing schedule for the next 90 days (first 30 days are during the consultation)
• a specific plan for what you’ll write at each session
• practical strategies for scheduling, planning, and managing your thinking about procrastination, comparison, and more

book writing coach
Book coaching stephanie Dethlefs
telephone consultation for writers
book coaching stephanie dethlefs

This consultation series provides:

FOUR 45-minutes calls scheduled weekly

weekly homework deadlines with written feedback

unlimited email and/or Voxer access for duration of package


I’m ready! Let’s do this.

Not quite sure? Schedule a free 30-minute call or email me with your questions!